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Disney Travel

Disney is the leaders in partnering with Travel agents. In order to get Travel agents to encourage their clients to visit their locations they offer the same pricing to everyone. Travel agents can beat or match any Disney vacation offer. Hotel Solutions and Travel never marks up or adds any additional fees on any travel. You will pay the same price but we will do all of the work. Payments and deposits are made directly to Disney. Let us take care of your Disney experience, Fast pass rides and dining reservations, so all you have to do is enjoy your vacation.

Travel Ball Accommodations

Hotel Solutions and Travel has been accommodating baseball teams since 2001. Lowest rates guaranteed on team blocks and individual reservations. We are designed to assist your “Team Mom” and “Coaches” in finding available hotel rooms for any event anywhere in the USA. Team block set up with individual pick up, easy cancellations and no minimum number of rooms required.

Destination Weddings – Honeymoon 

Destination weddings, The Honeymoon, Visiting family members. Hotel Solutions and Travel wants to make your special day perfect. 

Our Services Include

Group Travel

Employee incentive or reward outings. Group travel requires months of planning. Together we will plan accommodations and adventures that will create bonds between your entire group that everyone will remember for years to come.

Corporate Travel

You don’t need to be a multi-national company to get the lowest hotel rates, you just need an expert travel advisor managing and combining all your travel needs. Hotel Solutions and Travel can offer the same preferred hotel rates to companies requiring 1 room night a year as to companies needing 1000’s of room nights per year. We’re your room volume negotiation POWER. ​

Cruise Ship Travel

Hotel Solutions and Travel offers a unique combination of expert advice and personal service to make your next Cruise the adventure of a life time.


Reunions are as easy as 123 with Hotel Solutions and Travel.
Gathering the family for a reunion is a tradition. Hotel Solutions and Travel has agents that have planning reunions for years. Preferred rates, easy individual reservation pick up directions, reasonable cancellation policies and banquet / hospitality options at your fingertips. Trust us with who matters most. Let us deal with the hotel headaches so you can enjoy the reunion.

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Universal Orlando

Theme park Destinations are always changing, upgrading or offering special deals. It is our job to stay on top of this information to ensure you have a smooth ride each day of your vacation.

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Leisure Travel

Today’s vacations are more than just a gathering with friends and family. Vacations can be anything we want them to be, relaxing on a beach to skiing in the mountains. Planning a vacation can be a bit worrisome for even the most experienced traveler. Hotel Solutions and Travel will assist you in designing a vacation that will meet everyone’s level of excitement